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Dégustation communautaire

Les dégustations communautaires chez vous

Nous organisons régulièrement des dégustations au domicile d’ amateurs pour faire leur faire découvrir nos vins et mieux comprendre la viticulture.


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    University of Abdelhamid Ibn Badis, Mostaganem (UMAB) is located in the city of Mostaganem, North-West of Algeria.

    The UMAB was created in 1998 by Executive Decree No. 98-220 of July 7, 1998. Previously, higher education was established in Mostaganem in 1969, with the creation of the Institute of Agricultural Technology (ITA Mostaganem) which trained Engineers in Applied Agronomy, and the establishment in 1978 of the University Centre of Mostaganem, which opened its doors with higher education in Biology, Common Core of Medical Sciences and Chemistry. Since 1998, the University of Mostaganem has experienced a very rapid growth of its infrastructure and capabilities, staff and students. The efforts of its leaders, managers and teachers have allowed the UMAB to successfully cross a series of qualitative steps that have made Mostaganem a true academic hub radiating throughout the West region of the country and well beyond.

    The University of Mostaganem bears the name of Abdelhamid Ibn Badis who is an emblematic figure of the Muslim reform movement in Algeria. He was a teacher, philosopher, Muslim visionary, journalist, and revolutionary pen and knowledge. A National Day ‘Yawm EL ILM’ where the Knowledge Day is celebrated in his honour on April 16 of each year.

    The University of Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem is currently composed of 9 faculties and one institute:

    The Faculty of Social Sciences, which has two departments (human sciences and social sciences);
    The Faculty of Arabic Literature and Arts with 3 departments (literary and critical studies, linguistic studies, visual arts and performing arts);
    The Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​which has three departments (French, English, Spanish)
    The Faculty of Economics, Business and Management Sciences, which comprises four departments (economics, business sciences, management sciences, accounting and finance);
    The Faculty of Law and Political Science with 3 departments (public law, private law, political science);
    The Faculty of Medicine which includes a single department (medicine);
    The Faculty of Exact Sciences and Informatics which has 2 departments (mathematics and computer science, physics and chemistry);
    The Faculty of Sciences of Nature and Life comprising 3 departments (agronomy, biology, fisheries);
    The Faculty of Science and Technology, which has 4 departments (civil engineering and architecture, process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering);
    The institute of physical education and sports which includes 3 departments (physical education and sports, training and adapted motor activities).

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